Natural And Renewable Flooring Materials

Cork Flooring Combining Style and Sustainability

Cork floors are being used more more every day by environmentalists, interior designers and homeowners alike. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms cork flooring is an environmentally sustainable flooring option that can be chosen for any room thats looking for something dramatic, sophisticated, and comfortable.

Cork is natural material, harvested from the bark of cork oak trees. The trees must be no less than 25 years old to ensure the harvesting process is sustainable, and the manufacturing process generates almost zero waste.

Cork is a great flooring material, it performs well under all types of weight, expanding after being compressed, and doesn’t collapse. Additionally, its characteristics make cork a natural acoustic and energy insulator.

With simple up keep, a cork floor well last for many years.

Cork flooring of today is available in a wide variety of colors from the subdued to the dramatic. Its look change by the way it's cut and applied.

Available as both planks and tiles, this is the perfect for for people looking for something uniquely different.

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Bamboo Flooring for a completely unique look

Bamboo is becoming one of the preferred materials for trend-setting interior designers nationwide due to its strength and it's a renewable resource.

With all the excellence and durability of hardwood floors, in addition to the natural elegance of a subdued pattern, bamboo flooring will complement just about any decore in your home.

Bamboo is a naturally sustaining, highly-renewable resource produced from a kind of grass that reaches maturity around five years. Bamboo continues to grow without being replanted, making this the perfect flooring choice for environmentally friendly homeowners.

Bamboo can change the mood of any room by adding warmth and a relaxing feeling. Your home will appear to be significantly all the more welcoming with with the timeless look this naturally beautiful wood.

Bamboo has the characteristics and feel of hardwood, yet it’s unique and elegant.

Once you see it, we’re sure you’ll agree; bamboo is as wonderful as it is environmentally friendly.

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